Frequent Questions

  1. ¿What is the cremation of pets?

Cremation is a process by which a specialized pet oven uses heat to dehydrate and reduce the body to small bone fragments whose final result is called ashes. This global practice is the most recommended environmentally.

At Cremapets we offer a guarantee to our clients that our process is exclusive for pets with high environmental standards and compliance with Colombian regulations.


   2. ¿What is the difference between the individual and collective cremation offered by Cremapets?

With Individual Cremation you have the option to recover the ashes of your pet to have a beautiful memory, in addition, acquire the benefits we offer for this type of service.

The collective cremation is a service offered to those who do not want to keep the ashes of their pet and at the same time look for more comfortable prices.

   3. If my pet's Veterinary Clinic uses another provider, what should I do?

Remember that you are the one who decides the services for your pet. In Cremapets we offer a dignified and respectful treatment for your pet and the best quality standards. Ask your veterinary / clinic to contact us at the number 314 456 5033 or via whatsApp 24 hours and we will respond to the request.

   4. ¿How do I know I am receiving the ashes of my pet?

We have protocols and traceability standards that guarantee the cremation process of your pet. You can be part of this process by attending the farewell of your pet in our facilities or following the process via the web. At the end we give you a cremation certificate that authenticates it.

   5. ¿What happens if my pet dies at home?

At Cremapets we understand how important this moment can be and we are available to assist you by telephone 24 hours a day, call us at 314 456 5033 or whatsApp and you will receive the guidance and attention you need in these special circumstances.

   6. ¿How long does it take to receive the ashes of my pet?

When you opt for individual cremation, you will receive the ashes in a period of 2 hours, during this time you can wait in our comfortable facilities. If you cannot attend or opt for the webcast service option, we will give you the ashes in a period of no more than 48 hours (applies to the North perimeter of the city of Bogotá and the Sabana Centro area)